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Khoon Leong here...

and we have another fantastic evergreen offering guaranteed to knock your socks off!

It’s from Sean Mize and….

why not let him explain it all….

From: Sean Mize
To: All Coaches and Coaches-To-Be
Hi, Sean Mize here . . .

For those who don’t know me, I don’t mean to brag or anything like that, but if you don’t know me, you may be wondering, who is this guy?

I’m the Sean Mize of: Ezinearticles, the author of: Anyone Can Coach, and this youtube channel: Sean Mize, among other places online (just google me to find more).
Sean Mize


Focus is really hard when you aren’t absolutely excited and determined about something.

Some days you wake up and you’re not sure what you want to accomplish that day.

And boy do you waste alot of time those kinds of days.

But when you wake up in the morning, excited and determined about some task you are going to accomplish . . .

emails can come in, phones can ring, texts can happen  . . .

but they aren’t distracting  – because you are excited about what you are working on, and it’s EASY to stay focused and on task.

If you aren’t excited and determined about your work . . .

stop fighting distraction because those aren’t the real problems.

Change your work so you are excited about it and determined to achieve some result . .

And you will work like no other time . . .

Totally focused.

What do you need to change in your business so that you are excited and determined again?

So that you can focus with intensity and drive . . .

Laser focused on your business, your goal, your project.


What we see in successful entrepreneurs is that they are working really hard, they are focus and they focus on the right things.

And we see in people who are focused and they are working hard but they are not successful. They are not getting the results that they want.

We find that they are focusing on the wrong things.

The question is:

  • How can we get to the place where we are focusing on the right things?
  • How can we figure out what those right things are?
  • What can I let go off and not focus on?

Here's what you'll discover in my rock solid "What to Focus on, What to Drop Audio Training" Program:

All of these:


How to figure out what is truly important.


What are pitfalls you should avoid.


2 areas of example of focus.


Another area of example of focus.


Questions and Answers

Now, here's the thing,

this is powerful, it will change the way you run your coaching business or any other business you are running , and if you are struggling, this is going to change things.

And it’s an absolutely powerful mp3 audio training – and it’s powerpacked and goes fast so you can start implementing immediately.

I could easily price this at $97, and I may well do that on my regular site, but for customers of Life Greatest Secret, I’m running it at special – pricing which means 2 things:

1) price starts low

2) price goes up after EACH sale

If you want my “What to Focus on, What to Drop Audio Training” so you can begin using IMMEDIATELY to be laser focused and focus on the right things.

Here's a quick review of what you'll discover in this powerful training:

What to Focus on What to Drop Core Training
What to Focus on What to Drop Q&A

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What to focus on What to drop